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I'm Ms. Luna Sapphire, the heartbreaking and cruel lesbian dominatrix. I love to tell pathetic little men what to do. Find more of me on the sites below

Want a custom? I would love to film one just for you! I specialize in executrix, mommy-domme, and roleplay content. Ask me about what you're interested in! Read more on my customs page.

starting at $10/min solo.


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Lesbian Assassin Executrix

In this unique POV executrix video, you take on the point of view of 3 different men whose lives I end on a busy night as an assassin

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FAST Premature Ejaculation JOI Humiliation

Think you can last even 3 minutes for me, you pathetic little two-pump chump? My body and voice turn you on so much you want to blow your load immediately

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Ass Tease Acid Bath Executrix

We met at a bar and I noticed you staring at my ass all night - and now it’s going to be the last thing you ever see.

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Satanic Sinners' Ritual

You try to be a good Christian boy, but you can’t resist temptation. Especially when temptation comes in the form of a perfect Satanic Goddess seducing you to damnation.

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Anniversary Executrix Sex

We have used fake prop weapons which I point at your head while we have sex, but tonight, I want to have extra fun...

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